Babyyy Kanekiiiiiii Kennnnn

For my precious baby Kaneki Ken.


End a day with feelings for Kaneki all over the place~

So uhm, if you don’t know who the hell is Kaneki, go search on google, it will welcome you to a brand new world. A Tokyo world which is filled with Ghoul – the creature that eats human flesh.

The anime is now the talk of the town, making the manga more well-known. Not that the manga is not popular before, but thanks to the anime, more and more people have known about the existence of something called “Tokyo Ghoul” or “Tokyo Kushu”. It’s really a good manga, go check it out! And remember to read the manga only, the anime cut and censored a lot. They even made my baby Kaneki looked like gei, even though in the manga, he is hella cool hella badass and must be protected at all costs.

Now let’s talk about poor baby Kaneki-kun. Contain spoiler.

Seriously am I the only one who like a black-haired Kaneki rather than the white one??? Unlike everybody who just love a badass version, I prefer a cute black-haired side. I kept asking myself these questions: “Why do you have to change? Why can’t you stay the same?” My baby I don’t want to see you become heartless like this, seeking nothing but revenge and power. Come here I will always be here to give you all my hugs and kisses, just that I love the “human” you so much I can’t stand seeing you turn into a more “ghoul” one.

The latest chapter 140 really breaks my heart into pieces. Baby Kaneki please, you can’t die like that, you can’t leave your human part like that. Don’t just lie flat like that I don’t want you to be blind I don’t want you to become the experiment of Arima and the CCG I don’t want you to be hurt anymore. You deserve all the best, not this. Baby Kaneki I beg of you please don’t die 😥 You are so precious to me so please don’t…

Kaneki Ken I love you. Who wouldn’t fall for a cute boy like you?tumblr_n8qnp8v3Ew1qf4xsdo1_500

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