Nhiều xút về Neo Culture Technology.


A. Jaehyun x Doyoung

  1. [Translated Shortfic] [NCT | JaeDo] He Shoots, He Scores (Right Into My Heart) /Introduction/

2. [Translated Oneshot] [NCT | JaeDo] All I Want for Christmas is You.

3. [Translated Oneshot] [NCT | JaeDo] Sweet as Sugar.

4. [Translated Oneshot] [NCT | JaeDo] Rock n Roll and No Sleep.

5. [Translated Oneshot] [NCT | JaeDo] Cross-Dressing and Shitty Friends.


B. Jungwoo x Doyoung

1. [Translated Oneshot] [NCT | JwDy] Heart Rate (through the roof).


C. Lucas x Mark

1. [Translated Oneshot] [NCT | Lucas x Mark] Crashes In The Night.

2. [Translated Oneshot] [NCT | Lucas x Mark] Kickflip right into my heart.

3. [Translated Three-shot] [NCT | Lucas x Mark] Estrus.


D. JaemMark / MarkMin 

1. [Translated Oneshot] [NCT | JaemMark] One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor.

2. [Requested] [Trans|Oneshot] [NCT | MarkMin] Fallin’ All In You.


E. Taeyong x Winwin 

1. [Requested] [Trans|Oneshot] [NCT |TaeWin] Forget-Me-Not.